• Love

Love is my innermost, most profound, more identifying value. I love my life, people, technology, the environment, innovation, and I try to bring love into everything I do. Professionally this means that, through love, I keep connected with the “big picture.” Driving profitable business (love for what I do and for the shareholders) with happy and fulfilled employees (love for my people) to serve our customers. Sustainability must be part of the mission (for the environment, for the people, and for the business itself) to perpetuate and make the success ever-growing.

  • Positivity

Positivity is at the heart of my life and how I live every aspect of it. I see opportunities where most people see a crisis. I create new chances via my optimism and the ad-hoc combination of critical and creative thinking. I create positive teams and environments that favor business success and people thriving. I mitigate the effect of being seen as naïve or shallow through my strong empathy and compassion, hence corroborating the authentic and genuine nature of my words and actions. I moderate positivity with critical thinking to be aware of risky blind spots (decision making) and to influence others to understand my view of life.

  • Courage

Courage is what unifies my values and drives me towards the achievement of my vision while being happy and fulfilled. Where many see the status-quo as risk-free and something to preserve, I see an opportunity for changes that create sustainable, positive results. Changes that will bring innovation in what we do, how we do it, and the purpose that makes everything relevant and fuels the desire to make a difference. A holistic approach to human betterment that we can accomplish via courageous thoughts, strategies, and actions.

  • Innovation

Innovation is my mantra and the connecting thread of my professional life. Total innovation means understanding that changes are inevitable and that we should take advantage of this insight. I see the chance to change the world through love, innovation, and technology, and I operate with confidence to influence those that I can serve and lead to achieve goals beyond those that our competitors can. Total innovation starts from within: the mindset of our people, the organization culture that drives changes in our structure, modus-operandi, technology, and products. Total-innovation is how we are thriving, while many succumb.

  • Learning

Curiosity is a fundamental part of my life and my principles. I am curious about people, cultures, technology, science, and everything that can add to my knowledge and depth. Learning is intertwined with curiosity and drives my self-development in the fields of innovation, self-awareness, IQ, and EQ. Continued education allows me to be professionally at the cutting edge for the technology side (deciding on what to invest and what to prioritize). At the same time, I apply the latest findings on human behavior, inspiration, and optimization of results with the people I serve and lead.

  • Authenticity

To be capable of achieving superior results from the organization I work for, and of living a sustainable, fulfilled life, I bring my whole self to work. To make an impact to the top and bottom line, to peoples’ lives, to the ecosystem and the progress of society, I can only operate if “what you see is what you get,” and by being an example of strategy and execution that are aligned. The people working with me feel compelled to push beyond the limit as they recognize the value and uniqueness of this whole approach.

  • Sustainability

From the origin of my professional life, I have had a strong orientation towards creating sustainable growth and promoting ways to support the ecosystem. In recent years I have understood and started applying the concept of sustainability in a more organic way, which is what I have developed in my company with the “golden sail program.” This program is my value at work, creating a great working environment for our people to thrive and be able to maintain their growth path in life and providing our customers with products and technologies with a minimum impact on nature. Investing and developing technologies that help to revert the harm we have done to our planet.

  • Kindness

The program that I developed, the “golden sail,” has strategic-love and tactical-kindness at its heart. Kindness stems from my core value of love, and it’s my automatic way of functioning. Professionally this value allows me to incorporate sustainability with the people I serve and lead by being kind to them. This tactic doesn’t mean a lack of firmness or accepting slack and suboptimal behavior. On the contrary, as I love my people and I want to help them to fulfill their dreams while attaining the organization’s goals, kindness allows me to achieve these joint goals while promoting excellence in a fertile, nice-to-work environment.

  • Selflessness

Selflessness is possibly the reason for my prosperity: I know that I can only be successful if the people I work with and serve are fulfilled and successful first and foremost. I naturally create the conditions for the organization and the teams to perform at their best, be satisfied, and achieve the challenging targets. I see that the fruit of this behavior and attitude descend on the company, the employees, the community, and myself. It is the only and ideal way to be sustainably successful, and it comes naturally to me as this is one of my defining values and principles of life.