The broad international experience that I have built on excellent scientifically and technological foundations has allowed me to experience and incorporate multiple methodologies from around the World. Being able to talk the same language as the engineers developing cutting edge products and innovations in MedTech & Biotech, Materials, Energy, Telecom, Automotive, and Transport, Robotics is my primordial strength. I have participated actively in the ideation, design, development, and marketing of various products and technologies with that many teams I have been part of. The capability of tuning my language and messages to the receiver allowed me to succeed in providing critical information to top management, shareholders, and the investing sector.

I consider myself unique in connecting people from every domain, background, specialty, regardless of rank, cultural differences, language, and experience. Through my communication and know-how, I can influence stakeholders towards a more extensive, common goal.
I am particularly experienced in dealing with Japanese and Asian organizations, and the business and technological interactions with EMEA and the USA. I have used these skills internally to promote our business globally and externally to help the companies for which I belong to the advisory board.

Summarizing, I am a unique combination of excellent hard skills in engineering, physics, technology, materials and innovation, and cultural understanding, communication, deal-making, global business, change management, and critical positivism.

Stakeholder (shareholder) management Leadership
Strategy (VUCA environment) Influencing & charisma (“woo”)
Innovation (holistic) Emotional Intelligence
Critical and Creative thinking Self-awareness
Board (membership and advising) Networking and Charisma