CEO, Engineer, Scientist, Customer-Centricity and Total-Innovation™ advocate


Dear Visitor, welcome. My name is Gianpaolo Turri, you can contact me via the button below, or click here. 

A true citizen of the world, with life and professional experiences in three continents and seven countries, I am a business leader and an inspiration for the people in my organization and my circle of influence.

In my current role as the CEO of a global robotic and industrial automation company (Infranor Holding SA), I am in charge of creating a strategy and vision for the whole Holding, while ensuring a continuous growth of the business.

I have had different roles (CEO, President, Director) in a Japanese manufacturing company (Adamant Namiki, active in the field of hard-materials micro-precision mechanics), I am helping to navigate the enterprise through this challenging time. By optimizing the company structure in an agile manner and reinventing some of the products to face this uncertain (VUCA) time while growing the innovation pipeline. I have helped the board to strategize and execute the merge of three companies in 2017, which resulted in the total-innovation™ of the corporation, with sustainable and positive financial results.
I am a catalyst for positivity, passion, energy, and resilience that, together with my networking skills, brings success to the organizations and teams that I had the privilege to serve.
I motivate and inspire people towards a clear mission by providing new tools and support for the employees’ individual development while reaching the goals of the organization.

The association with the international Young President Organization, YPO, in which I have an executive role, allows me to be part of an incredible network of decision-makers. Besides, it helps me to learn from the best leaders and continue my self-development with curiosity and cutting-edge tools and support. The membership with the Argonauts global group and the fellowship with IMD allows him to be at the forefront of ideas and tools to create better companies and organizations, to achieve a more human-centrist, sustainable, profit-driven business.

I possess a unique combination of cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence; the fire that powers my actions is a mix of strategic-love & tactical-kindness™. My emotional intelligence has allowed me to thrive in all the diverse cultural contexts, in personal, academic, and professional settings. The unique mix of positivity, openness, empathy, curiosity, enthusiasm, and innovation has been the foundation of my accomplishments. My values are complemented by cognitive intelligence, critical and analytical thinking that supported me to obtain a Ph.D. in physics at Imperial College London, and later gained me the prestigious Marie Curie fellowship for scientists.

I have lived, innovated, created products, teams, networks, friendship, music, and much more from Japan to California, passing through Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and of course, Italy. I have worked with various roles for the Max Planck Institute in Munich, UCLA university as an assistant professor and researcher in California. Later, at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) in Oxford, at EPFL University in Switzerland, where I have also worked for Siemens, Helen of Troy, and Abbott Laboratories.

In all the roles and places where I have been, I brought my optimism, energy, and love for music and sports. I played in rock bands in Italy, the USA, the UK, and Switzerland, and I have enjoyed playing in multicultural volleyball and football teams all over the world.


XQ* – Good job, dear reader! If you made it until here, it means that I have already captured some of your attention.

XQ it’s my own take to a holistic view of humanity. “X” stands for a combination of forms of intelligence. I possess, like any other individual, a specific combination of Cognitive, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual intelligence. This unique signature allows me to thrive in a complex environment where decision making, critical thinking, creativity, compassion, understanding, communication, inspiration, results, and above all, self-awareness is of paramount importance.